Swiss Master

Officially endorsed by FIDE

We are now offering version 5.6.12 (per 14 April 2015)

Version 5.6.9 endorsed by FIDE.

Before installing this version, we recommend to remove older versions first.

This program 'Swiss Master 5' is for customers not from the Netherlands for sale for the price of € 50,- . The price is based on development and maintenance costs.

Improvements starting version 5.6.9

  • Version 5.6.12 fix issue with selection of players from rating lists in Edit Players dialog; changed Credits; fix issue with reading standard file locations after modifying them (in Options menu) and restart SwissMaster; fixed some cases where data was modified but no warning was given when opening a new or saved tournament
  • Version 5.6.11 add board lists and IT3 reports; fix handling of FIDE ratingslists where a name starts with a space; updating of title norm calculation; fix pairing in round 2 for special case "all byes in round 1 are draw by defaults and all normal results are non-draws"; fix forbidden pairings in round 1
  • Version 5.6.10 fixes bug in FIDE report output (no-play draw)
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