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The course will be given in English. Course materials (in English) will be provided a week before the start of the course to all participants who have signed up and paid the course fee. Communication by means of a whatsapp group. In case of any objections, please indicate when you sign up for the course.


Hermann Wesselink college (free parking) Startbaan 3 1185 XP Amstelveen tel. 020 645 9751 


Dates: Tuesday 19:00 – 22:00 26 April 2022, 17 May, 31 May, 14 June, 28 June. The 4th lesson takes place online via Zoom!

Requirements to enroll for the course: 1. All participants teach chess at a chessclub so that all knowledge can immediately be brought into practice during the course. 2. All participants must have passed the Step 1 exam before the end of the course. A Trial exam Step 1 with mark 8 is accepted if shown aforehand to Jop. 

Costs: 140 euro 

Participants from Zukertort Amstelveen can pay via their chessclub. For the full course (including all materials) payment should be made to Schaaktrainer Delemarre NL57KNAB0255493096, please mention: ST1 Amstelveen + full name

For furthere information see: Chesstrainer-Course-1-Amstelveen.pdf ( or contact Jop Delemarre;

To enrol, please fill in this form: